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Well Radio Talk 2013 came and went. Thanks to all the volunteers whom came out Friday night to help set up and managed to get up and in Saturday morning at 7:30AM to set up the rest of sight. The presentations were all well received and drew lots of crowds for close-up views. In a few days I will post a link to a photo gallery of the action.


Countdown to RT 2013

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Just days to go now,  This Saturday Sept 21, RT2013 will take place.  Featured in the day will be talks on a variety of subjects, food, exhibits and a station that will be active during the event.

Look for VE2013RT on the air and if you are in Montreal stop by the event will be held at he St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish Church located at 4455 West Broadway, H4B 2A7 (the corner of West Broadway and Terrebonne) in the N.D.G. District of Montreal.  The STM Buses 51, 162 and 105 stop nearby.

To help you find the location visit http://www.marc.qc.ca/meetings.php a map of the area is on the page for your convenience.

Below is a picture of the rear of the church and entry to where RT 2013 will be held.

Cliff VA2UTC.

On the Air – CKUT

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Today Terry Ladd VE2WTQ and Paul Iarrera VE2OFH were guests on Sheldon Harvey’s radio show the International Radio Report heard Sundays on Radio McGill CKUT. You can hear them by going to http://ckut.ca/cgi-bin/ckut-grid.pl?show=0%2C10%3A30&action=showaudio and choosing the show for September 15th. They talked about Radio Talk 2013 which is next Saturday.

Ham Radio and Astronomy Yes the Two Do Mix


Amateur radio and Amateur Astronomy do connect. Many night sky watchers are hams as well. And radio astronomy does capture the interest of hams. Besides seeing the stars one can also hear them.

Part of Radio Talk’s draw are the exhibits. And the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Montreal Centre will be at RT2013 to discuss astronomy and maybe radio astronomy. The RASC also plans to have a solar scope on site. This is a great way to see the sun in its glory without looking directly at it.

For more about the RASC visit they’re site at http://wwo w.rasc.ca/ to learn more about how solar scopes work visit Wikipedia and read the article on Wikipedia.

Cliff VA2UTC

Tentative Schedule Radio Talk 2013 Sept 21

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RT-logoTentative Schedule for Radio Talk 2013

9:00 – 9:10 am
Opening remarks
9:10 – 9:50
Remote station operation.
 John Grow, VE2EQL
10:00- 10:40
A comprehensive examination of ferrites and baluns (in French).
 Jacques Audet, VE2AZX
10:50 – 11:30

To be announced.


Jimmy Howard VE2JWH, Granby, QC
11:40 – 12:20
Un résumé de la politique concernant les antennes et de l’attitude des municipalités (en Français).
Antenna Guidelines and Quebec Municipalities (in French).
Guy Lamoureux, VE2 LGL, and Président-directeur general, RAQI
12:20 – 13:20
Lunch Food available on-site.
13:30 – 14:10
How flying radio control first person view led to amateur radio.
Alex Wenzl VA2FPV Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC
14:20 – 15:00
Submarine and navy radio operations during early days of the Cold War.
Donald Courcy VE2CW The Radioman
15:00 – 15:10
Prize draw and closing remarks


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SOTA, Summits On the Air, is a program that is similar to Islands On the Air.  The key difference is in place of going to an island hams climb mountains.  Just like IOTA the point is to collect or more accurately contact stations on the air from the peaks they are transmitting from.

Montreal has a very active SOTA group.  They have activated a number of summits and and they are going to showcase themselves at this years Radio Talk event.

http://www.sota.org.uk/ is the link for the program.  The exhibit will be hosted by Jean Charron, VE2JCW, of Saint-Jerome, QC – probably en français.

Special Event Station

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Yes Radio Talk will be the place to be for interesting talk and of course the cool exhibits.  But, did youRT-logo know that there will also be a special event station on the air?

That’s right, a special event call has been issued for the event the call is VE2013RT. The station will operate during the day on September 21 and is likely going to be operational on CW and SSB.

Samuel, VE2LJV is in charge of the special event station.  Slots are open and anyone wanting to operate during the day may do so if they are licensed.  Unlicensed persons may operate the station under the supervision of a licensed operator.

Cliff VA2UTC

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