September 21st, the official day.  And we are excited to say that we are looking forward to bringing another fantastic selection speakers.  Plus displays and of curse food.

For those who have no idea about what Radio Talk is let me quickly fill you in.  The concept is to have  a day where ham radio operators and other so called tech geeks gather to talk about radio and the tech surrounding it.  Most people do not realize this, but Amateur or Ham radio is actually labelled as a service by Industry Canada.  Now we do not provide commercial service.  However we do provide service to the community.  Plus ham radio operators serve another function, as innovators.

Much of the tech you as a consumer has probably had it’s partial or total creation or genesis if you will as a result of experimentation by hams.  FM, AM and other modes of communication have all found they’re way to commercial use thanks to some form of intervention by hams.  It’s the same with some of the hardware like satellite dishes and now micro radio transmitters which actually are a part of your cell phone.  All of these tech innovations may have been invented or worked on in some form by those who are hams.  

History also records that many radio operators in the second world war were hams.  In short hams are innovators and are very much a part of maker and hacker culture.  This is the reason for this conference.  To get together and showcase what is going on in the world of radio and tech as it relates to radio.  And to show how these merge and are applied in real world situations.

Now for those in the general public, not to worry you are WELCOME to attend.  In fact we encourage the public to engage with us.  Why not bring your kids and show them how the science of radio works, hands on.  That is what Radio Talk is about and that is what we will be doing on September 21st this year.

Cliff VA2UTC.