Field Day is now done I have to say it was in a word WET.  But, t got done.  speaking of getting things done how about some updates.

Ok as you can see the page theme changed again.  Why? the Chalk Board theme looks funky, but unless I buy some fonts the header will just look to weird.  So the better option is to change the theme.  Problem resolved.

If you remember I mentioned that we had tossed some ideas around about the kinds of topics we would like to see presented at this years event.  One that was mentioned is women in ham radio.  Our hobby is technical in nature, this should not scare women off.  In fact I am one ham who thinks it would be good for the hobby to have more women taking an active interest in radio.

so with that ladies I have an idea.  Lets do a poll and ask have you been or are you interested in ham radio.

For feedback we’d like ot know as a woman what topics would you like to have served up during RT2013.  Comments welcome.

Cliff VA2UTC