RT-logoWow, hard to believe, but it is true.  Radio Talk 2013 is coming up in just 3 months and 20 days.  Hey that means I got more work to do.  Lots of promoting and networking via the ham radio community.  Another group we hope will take some interest in the event are those who are into DIY projects.  If you count yourself among those who like to build and hack things then you should consider coming out to Radio Talk 2013.

Many of the speakers who present are builders.  One such builder has actually presented twice and we hope he will be back again this year, he is Jimmy VE2JWH.  Jimmy showed us how a home made laser was used to send radio signals across long distances last year.  It was fascinating to see this form of communication, but more interesting was the fact that Jimmy built all of his own gear.

What many do not realize is hams do builds.  Antennas, radios, power bars and other really cool stuff.  Another group that joins us at Radio Talk is the Solderspot gang.  These guys do 2 to 3 builds a year.  One project they worked on was a 40 meter receiver.  Paul VE2OFH leads the group and is always looking for new projects and new converts to the maker / DIY culture.

Radio Talk 2013 is your opportunity to connect and have a conversation about radio and the tech surrounding it.  This year we’ll hold the event on September 21st at St. Ignatius of Loyla Parish, 4455 West Broadway, in Montreal QC.  Mark the date, we hope to see you as we have an open dialogue about radio.

Cliff VA2UTC