Here is the official list of speakers for RT2013.


Donald CourcyThe Radioman, VE2CW, will speak about his experience as a Submarine and Navy radioman. Presentation in English.

Donald Courcy began his career at the age of 17 as a Radioman in the Royal Canadian Navy in 1965 serving as a radio technologist and radio operator on board ships, on board submarines and at naval radio stations.  The Radioman left the Navy in 1973 to join the Federal Department of Communications as a Radio Inspector which involved assignments across Canada. In 1982, Donald Courcy began working as a Broadcast and Cable Television Consultant. Then, in 1985, Donald Courcy joined Telesat Canada. In 1997, Donald Courcy joined Federal Department of Industry (Industry Canada) where he worked until retiring in 2011. 

Jacques Audet,VE2AZX, will present a comprehensive examination of Ferrites and Baluns. Jacques’ presentation will examine the utility of using Ferrites and Baluns using theoretical and practical examples. Additionally, Jacques will share testing techniques for Baluns as well as methods for performing Ferrite measurements. Presentation in French. 

Jacques Audet, VE2AZX, became interested in radio at the age of 14, after playing with crystal radio sets and repairing old receivers.   At 17, he obtained his first ham license.  In 1967 he obtained his B Sc degree in electrical engineering from Laval University.  He then worked in engineering functions at Nortel Networks, where he retired in 2000.  He worked mostly in test engineering on a number of products and components operating from dc to light-wave frequencies.  His areas of interest are in RF simulations, filters, duplexers, antennas and using computers to develop new test techniques in measurement and data processing.

Jacques Audet, VE2AZX s’est intéressé à la radio à l’âge de 14 ans, alors qu’il s’amusait avec des récepteurs à crystal et réparait de vieux récepteurs. Il a obtenu sa première license de radio-amateur à l’âge de 17 ans.  En 1967 il a obtenu le diplôme d’ingénieur en génie électrique de l’Université Laval.  Il a travaillé plus de 33 ans chez Nortel Networks pour prendre sa retraite en  septembre 2000.  Il a travaillé le plus souvent dans les départements d’ingénérie des essais de production au niveau des composants et systèmes opérant du courant continu jusqu’à la fréquence de la lumière.  Secteurs d’intérêt:  Simulations RF, filtres, duplexers, antennes et utilisation de l’ordinateur pour développer de nouvelles techniques de mesures et de traitement de données.

Guy Lamoureux, VE2 LGL, and Président-directeur general, has agreed to speak on the current situation concerning antenna height restrictions and guidelines in Quebec municipalities. Presentation in French. 

Un résumé de la politique concernant les antennes et de l’attitude des municipalités.